Scientists seeking reproducible data in their experiments are often confounded with the results from western blot assays. The steps for processing western blots require precise performance of blocking and antibody incubation. When these steps are performed manually, any error or variation that occurs is directly responsible for inconsistent results (Koller and Wätzig, 2005, Precision and variance components in quantitative gel electrophoresis, Electrophoresis, 26 (12):2470-2475).

BlotCycler is a simple and elegant system designed to perform blocking, addition and incubation of primary and secondary antibodies, and washing steps automatically using the same reagents and protocols you use now.

Simply plug in BlotCycler, fill up the tanks with wash buffer, blocking agents and primary and secondary antibody. Add your membranes (BlotCycler can process up to 24 blots at once), set your protocol and turn it on. BlotCycler distributes all blocking reagents, wash buffers, antibody in precise quantities at the exact time directed by protocol. Agitation is automatically performed, also with exact timing, unused antibody is captured and the automatic wash cycle prepares the unit for the next run.

This September 12 and 13, visit us in booth 464 under the tent in parking lot 10H during the NIH Research Festival, or visit BlotCycler here.

Visit Precision Biosystems in booth 464 at the NIH Research Festival, this September 12 - 13.

Visit us in booth #464 at the NIH Research Festival, Sept. 12–13 at the NIH, Bethesda, MD. and see BlotCycler™ process western blot with precision and reproducibility.