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Qsep100 DNA AnalyzerQsep100 DNA Analyzer
Published February 3, 2015

Introducing an Affordable Capillary Gel Electrophoresis Analyzer for DNA

The Qsep100 DNA Analyzer from Precision Biosystems performs rapid, high sensitivity assays at lower cost per sample compared to similar systems

MANSFIELD, MA – Capillary gel electrophoresis technology is recognized as an optimal approach to performing post PCR separation, detection of DNA and RNA fragments (read more…)

BlotCycler vs ManualBlotCycler™
Published October 9, 2014

Process up to 12 Western Blots Simultaneously with Precise Reproducibility

Precision Biosystems offers an automated system for performing western blots with high sensitivity and low background noise

MANSFIELD, MA – “The functional simplicity of the BlotCycler™ design is convincing researchers that the time for automating their western blot assays is here,” says Russ Yukhananov (read more…)