Routinely used to study cancer, HIV, sports doping, Lyme disease, mad cow disease, etc., etc., western blots are notoriously unreliable. Variations in technique confound reproducible results. Retraction Watch, a blog that reports on retraction of scientific papers, questions whether western blots are trustworthy at all. What’s going on?

Koller et al. writes that variable results occur during manual processing. See this published article: Koller and Watzig, 2005, Precision and variance components in quantitative gel electrophoresis, Electrophoresis, 26 (12):2470-24   

Isn’t there some way to make western blots more reliable?  Yes, by automating the blocking and antibody incubation process. When these steps are performed precisely, scientists get reliable AND publishable results, over and over. And the easiest way to do that is by automating those tasks, which is exactly what is possible with the BlotCycler Mini.

BlotCycler Mini is a small, affordable system capable of processing 1 to 8 blots simultaneously.

If you are serious about improving the accuracy and precision of your western blot assays, and getting publishable results, eliminate imprecise timing and fluid distribution. Remove the human factor, automate blocking and antibody incubation – get better, more consistent results and watch the productivity improve in our lab. BlotCycler can help. Improve the accuracy and precision of your western blot assays