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Qsep100 Analyzer

The Qsep100 automated DNA analyzer is a fluorescence DNA-CE system based on micro-capillary electrophoresis technology that provides post PCR separation and detection of DNA Fragments. The system is comprised of the Detection Engine, Analysis Engine, the Sample Loader, and the Disposable Pen-Shaped Gel-Cartridge / Chemistry Kits. The pen-shaped gel-electrophoresis cartridge can do 200 tests at 2-7 minutes per sample. Novel reagent packaging and intuitive software provides ease of operation, automated tracking of consumables and overall management of the genotyping system.

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  • Automated Sample Handling: Automated process for 96-well capacity
  • Disposable Gel-Cartridge: No need for gel preparation. RFID tagged for up to 200 runs
  • Fast Analysis: 2-7 minutes per run
  • Detection Sensitivity: Detects as low as 0.1 ng/μl
  • Resolution: Up to 1-4 bp DNA fragments (between 100-500bp)
  • Data View: Electropherogram and gel-view format
  • Software: Digital data for qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Compact Design: Fits on most lab benches
  • Competitive Cost for System and Consumable

Applications – See More

  • Genetic Profile Screening
  • Restriction Digested DNA
  • PCR Products
  • Synthesized Oligonucleotides
  • Characterization of Plasmid Conformation and Purity
  • Genomic DNA


  • Dimension : (38 cm L x 40 cm H x 30 cm W)
  • Detection:
    a. Fluorescence CE
    b. LED Excitation (525 nm)
    c. Emission 590 nm
  • Sample: 12-well or 96-well sample loader
  • Air: External N2 gas inlet for pneumatic activation
  • Power: 24 V DC External
  • Connection: USB


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