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Follow these tips to improve western blot reproducibility

2019-10-26T14:00:04-04:00October 25th, 2019|Reproducible immunoblot, Western blot troubleshooting|

Each antibody-antigen interaction has unique characteristics. Interaction of antisera with protein epitopes in western blotting depends upon a number of factors, all contributing to the final signal/noise ratio. Knowledge and control of those factors allows for modifications and optimization of the procedure. Prepare the membrane For size-related identification of an interaction between protein and antibody [...]

Emerge from the darkness – see BlotCycler™ automated western blot processor at the NIH Research Festival.

2019-08-22T11:26:24-04:00August 4th, 2019|Product|

  Scientists seeking reproducible data in their experiments are often confounded with the results from western blot assays. The steps for processing western blots require precise performance of blocking and antibody incubation. When these steps are performed manually, any error or variation that occurs is directly responsible for inconsistent results (Koller and Wätzig, 2005, Precision [...]

An NIH Study used BlotCycler for publication-quality western blot assay results

2019-07-31T15:58:03-04:00July 29th, 2019|Application|

In 2009, several people in Mangala village, located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa, contracted acute hemorrhagic fever, and a novel rhabdovirus, Bas-Congo Virus or BASV, was detected in one of the serum samples. The precise mode of transmission remained unclear, but health officials were worried that BASV was emerging as a human [...]