BlotCycler improves lab productivity

No need to sit and watch your western blot to obtain precise results.

If you are like most scientists studying proteins, you are processing western blots manually, so you know the steps required for incubation. First, you add the blocking agent, wait a specified amount of time. Next, add the primary antibody and shake or agitate the membrane for a specified amount of time, which is often overnight. Then, wash the membrane, add the secondary antibody, wash, and so on and on. The problems with obtaining comparable results when performing western blots may often happen during this processing stage because all the steps in the protocol – the distribution of reagents and fluids has to be precise and the timing has to be accurate. If just one of these steps is off even by a few minutes, problems may result. When it’s time to visualize and compare the results, you look (often in vain) for comparable data – something you can use for publication. Rarely do you find it.

Why is that? Koller and Wätzig report the common cause for errors in western blotting is ‘interoperator variability.’ That’s right, human error.

But, there’s a simple and elegant way around the problem – by using an automated system to perform blocking, addition, and incubation of primary and secondary antibodies, and washing steps. Automation assures that reagents and fluids used in the protocol are dispensed with absolute precision. The timing of fluid distribution and membrane agitation is exact.

BlotCycler™ does it all. There’s no need to watch over the blocking and antibody incubation procedure. With BlotCycler™, simply set up your protocol, and walk away! It is clearly the best product on the market for automated western blot processing. BlotCycler is easy to set up and use, requiring no training or specialized reagents or accessories. And, it is inexpensive – check it out here.

BlotCycler automates blocking and antibody incubation precisely!

BlotCycler automates solution changes, blocking, incubation of primary and secondary antibodies, and washing steps.

Traditional western blot analysis is a time-consuming process. Now you obtain consistent and accurate results over and over again, and increase productivity using automation. With rigorous precision, BlotCycler delivers an affordable solution to busy labs demanding reproducible results. To find out more, contact us toll free at 1-888-490-4443 or visit



Koller and Wätzig, 2005, Precision and variance components in quantitative gel electrophoresis, Electrophoresis, 26 (12):2470-2475