BlotCycler Mini automates western blot. processing

Precision Biosystems is your #1 provider of automated western blot solutions.

Precision Biosystems provides affordable instruments for automated western blot processing and DNA/RNA electrophoresis. We develop and manufacture BlotCycler™, an automated western blot processing system. In addition, we offer Qsep100, an apparatus that separates DNA and RNA fragments with superior resolution using capillary gel electrophoresis. Our main mission is to help you automate difficult and time-consuming tasks in your laboratory. To achieve this, we provide low-maintenance, cost-effective laboratory instruments that yield high-quality results.

BlotCycler™ is designed to automate the immunodetection step of the procedure that is traditionally performed manually. The protocol involves multiple solution changes and consists of blocking, incubation with primary and secondary antibodies, and washing steps. The quality of results depends upon multiple subjective and objective factors. These include the technical skills of the personnel and accuracy of temporal and volume control. The goal of automated western blot processing by BlotCycler™ is to overcome these limitations. First, the system allows the user to program the