Western Blot Processing System

Precision Biosystems is a Massachusetts-based company that develops and manufactures BlotCycler, an automated westernblot processing system. The system is based on patented fluid distribution technology. The overarching goal of BlotCycler is help you automate the traditional manual western blot processing during the immunodetection step.

BlotCycler™ automates all steps after protein is transferred to a membrane. These include: shaking, blocking, hybridization, washing, and recycling of primary antibody. By eliminating the need for “babysitting”, BlotCycler offers you a unique advantage over existing immunoblotting technologies. Furthermore, BlotCycler generates blots with higher signals and lower background. Finally, BlotCycler can save precious money on primary antibodies in two ways. These are: 1) ability to recycle the antibody and 2) optimize the primary antibody concentration.

The introduction of BlotCycler set a new standard of performance for a wide range of tests and assays.

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