BlotCycler automates western blot development and processing. The instrument will process the blot through all washing, blocking, and incubation steps. Once it is set-up with the required reagents (see “how it works”) and the appropriate assay is programmed, BlotCycler will proceed with the assay and alert you at critical steps and when the assay is completed. No special reagents are required – use the same reagents you currently use and automatically save your primary antibodies. BlotCycler’s automated operation increases productivity and generates blots with higher signal and lower background. BlotCycler makes western blot processing easier and more reliable. Learn more about the BlotCycler.


The Qsep100 automated DNA analyzer is a fluorescence DNA-CE system based on micro-capillary electrophoresis technology. It provides post PCR separation and detection of DNA Fragments. The pen-shaped gel-electrophoresis cartridge can do 200 tests at 2-7 minutes per sample. Novel reagent packaging and intuitive software provides ease of operation, automated tracking of consumables and overall management of the genotyping system. Learn more about Qsep100.

Agarose LE

A new, advanced manufacturing process produces Agarose LE without organic solvents for a cleaner product with a significantly reduced environmental impact. Learn more about Agarose LE.

DryCube™ Vacuum Desiccator

DryCube keeps your reagent dry, visible and, easily accessible. Designed for convenient and reliable dry storage, the DryCube cabinet is constructed of clear or UV-shielding amber polycarbonate which is completely transparent and shatter resistant. Learn more about DryCube Vacuum Desiccator.