The BlotCycler can save time! How? By automating all progressions after protein is transferred to a membrane!

These include: shaking, blocking, hybridization, washing, and reusing of essential neutralizer. By wiping out the requirement for “babysitting, the BlotCycler™ offers you an interesting favorable position over existing immunoblotting innovations. Besides, BlotCycler™ creates blots with higher signals and lower background. At long last, BlotCycler can spare valuable resources on essential antibodies.

BlotCycler™ can save time, save antibody by processing up to twelve blots  using standard laboratory reagents and optimized protocols.

BlotCycler can save time

It is easy as 1-2-3!

1. First, add antibody, blocking solution and wash buffer

2. Next, program the system

3. And finally, push the button and walk away

Increase sensitivity and lower background:

BlotCycler™can save time

You can save antibody while using your current protocol!


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