western blot apparatus

Features that make the BlotCyclerTM the perfect choice for your lab

Discussion of the Western blot apparatus overview

First, consider operation capacity

In contrast to other devices, the BlotCycler™ automatically performs simultaneous processing from 1 – 12 membranes with different reagent sets using two different protocols. The BlotCycler™ can run up to 12 blots simultaneously with up to 6 different primary antibodies. In addition, the BlotCycler™ Western blot apparatus can process up to 8 midi blots at the same time.

Next, consider how much it will cost your lab in consumables

The Precision Biosystems BlotCycler™offers a more economical solution for your lab. It uses simple, reliable fluidic control technology and doesn’t require extra consumables.

In addition BlotCycler allow to use less primary antibodies thanks to efficient hybridization

All this add to significant mane therefore saves you money!

Now consider protocol flexibility

The BlotCycler™offers a very flexible, easy to modify protocol. Programming is simple and intuitive. The BlotCycler™ allows the researcher to change the program simply by pressing one or two buttons! That means you can run two independent protocols starting at different times.

Finally, consider cleanliness

The BlotCycler™ offers automatic cleaning cycles at the end of each run. You can sterilize the unit by washing it with an organic solvent or strong acid.

Now, consider the advantages of the BlotCycler™ Western blot apparatus:

Stop wasting time changing solutions!
The BlotCycler™ processes from one to twelve blots with six different antibodies using standard laboratory reagents and optimized protocols.

Programming it is as easy as 1-2-3!
1. First, add antibody, blocking solution, and wash buffer
2. Next, program the system
3. Finally, push the button and walk away

The BlotCycler’s™ self-contained vials reduce the chance of antibody loss. Because it has dedicated tubing for primary and secondary antibodies as well as washing buffer, using it for your next experiment decreases the likelihood of antibody loss or accidental cross contamination. The liquids are delivered using gravity. Therefore, it requires no vacuum pump. Shaking side to side achieves uniform reagent distribution across the membrane. And, the shaking method has been shown to be superior to the rocking motion as employed by some of our competitors.


Precision Biosystems’ BlotCycler™ offers an economical solution for hands-free immunostaining portion of the western blot protocol. The machine uses simple, gravity-based, reliable fluidic control technology to achieve uniform, reproducible reagent dispensing and distribution.